57 EvergreenTreez Planted | Spreading Our Rootz

57 EvergreenTreez Planted | Spreading Our Rootz

With the help of close friends and family we planted our first 57 EvergreenTreez this weeknd. The saplings are a mix of Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii), Sitka Spruce (Picea sitchensis) and Western Red Cedar (Thuja Plicata).

The three species are native to the Pacific Northwest; they'll grow and thrive in a healthy riparian forest along the banks of the Cedar River in Renton, Washington. This river has played a key role in shaping the ecology of the South Puget Sound and has been one of our go to spots for years. It's origin lies in the heart of the Cascade Range; flowing through the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. 


Up until the early 1900's, the Cedar and Black Rivers converged in what is now modern day Renton. Unfortunately the Black River dried up when the Lake Washington Ship Canal was built in 1916. Lake Washington's water level dropped by nearly 9 feet when they connected it to Lake Union. This is important to note because of the impact that project has had on modern day ecology! Today, the crisp & cool mountain run-off of the Cedar River cascades down to the mouth of Lake Washington near Gene Coulon Park. It then flows through the ship canal to the Puget Sound. Chinook Salmon rely heavily on the Cedar River watershed for their migration and spawning. You can learn more about the importance and history of Renton's rivers by watching this documentary I filmed in college with Brittaney Bunjong!

In addition to providing habitat for hundreds of plant and animal species, the Cedar River watershed also provides drinking water for 1.4 million people in the greater Seattle area. It's one of the only rivers in The United States that forms a natural aquifer, feeding into the Snoqualmie River and Rattlesnake Lake via ancient glaciers. This process acts as a natural filtration system.

The importance of the Cedar River on the health of our ecosystem cannot be understated. Planting treez there will help offset some of it's environmental problems. The river has problems with pollution, erosion and invasive species. Part of our efforts included the removal of invasive blackberries to provide more room for our treez to grow and thrive. Tree rootz filter pollutants and prevent erosion. Treez also contribute to greater biodiversity and cool the planet by absorbing Co2 and releasing oxygen.


Our goal is to promote a positive message about the future of forestry and encourage our community to get outside. Our first planting party went a long way in doing so! It was dope to celebrate Mother's Day weeknd by giving back to Mother Earth. We had a chance to enjoy the first really nice weather of the year doing standard activities. The weeknd started with a chill longboarding sesh Friday night. We got into some Flanigan Shenanigans Saturday morning and ended up climbing a 75 foot cottonwood tree before planting.

We also had a chance to hop in the river and grill brats in between planting sessions on Sunday. It was great to spend time with and feel the support of our close friends; making an impact together. Five years ago we lost one of our brothers, Shayne Mathews. He was a true connector. Someone who brought groups together regardless of social circle. He was one of the most caring people I'd ever known and always wanted everyone to get outside and have a great time. Shayne loved the Cedar River and we spent a ton of time there together. May 13th is his birthday; he would have turned 26 yesterday. We love and greatly miss the dude. He's stayed with us in every step of this journey. We planted a healthy Doug Fir along the river bank in his honor. One love bruddah. #SeeYaMonday

The choice to plant our first group of EvergreenTreez at the Cedar River was a natural one. It's a place of solitude, one where we feel at home. We've been enjoying the river since before we could drive. It's always been our spot for longboarding, barbecues and safety meetings. Not to mention some great swimming holes in the summer. Although we're starting out as a small group of homies with a passion for conservation, we know that we can make a positive impact on Washington forests and inspire others to do the same through our collective efforts.

Today, nearly ten years after first visiting this river, our dream of planting treez and restoring Washington's forests is coming to life. 57 spruce, cedar and fir treez is a modest start, but we are incredibly honored and humbled by the opportunity to contribute to the health of one of our most beloved and ecologically important kick back spots. This is just the beginning of our planting journey, but we're stoked to start at home and continue growing our collective from the rootz up.

We'll be taking part in more restoration events at Ron Regis Park on May 19th, July 21st and October 28th! The events are in collaboration with Forterra and the Green Seattle Partnership. You can sign up to join us here!


Thank you to everyone who has supported our cause in the last year; each of the 57 EvergreenTreez we planted are for all of you.

This is just the beginning! It's no longer a secret what EvergreenTreez is about. Stay tuned for our summer clothing release and more upcoming events! We will plant a native tree in Washington State Forests this Autumn for each product we sell. EvergreenTreez will Keep Fighting so that future generations can enjoy Life In The Treez & Moments Like These-->


  • Brandon Carlson

    Awesome work bro! I’ll join you for the next volunteer event!!🙏 keep it up

  • Janice


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