Welcome to Life In The Treez

The rootz of EvergreenTreez began to take hold in the Winter of 2012. Although we didn't know it at the time, teaching youth snowboarding would be a life-changing experience. A few of the ET crew lived at Snoqualmie Pass on the weekends that season. We'd spend our nights slashing through the mystical forest and wake up to see EvergreenTreez caked in fresh snow. We spent hours each day on our boards and survived on top ramen. As the winter progressed, we not only discovered our visceral love for living Life In The Treez↟; we also developed a passion for sharing the feeling of Moments Like These↡

We wanted to find a way to give back to the mountains and forests that have inspired so much freedom and creativity in our lives. That's why we're being vocal in our communities and planting native treez with our own hands in Washington forests. We're also creating unique and functional goods that represent the culture of the Pacific Northwest.

Our tree planting journey has only just begun, but we're excited to continue growing our collective from the rootz up. We're encouraging our community to get outdoors and promoting a positive message about the future of forests. This is L.I.T.T! Thanks for your support. You can sign up to join us at future planting parties by visiting our events page. 


Adam Heintz | Founder