All The Way Up | Blackcomb Glacier

All The Way Up | Blackcomb Glacier

The idea for EvergreenTreez was conceived at Snoqualmie pass. It was amplified in the Whistler Peak 2 Peak gondola. As Joey and I glided across the worlds longest unsupported span while being suspended hundreds of feet in the air, our senses were keenly awakened. We asked ourselves; how can we share experiences like this with the people we care about? We wanted to capture the feeling of life in the treez and moments like these. From there we both started to truly discover our passion for The Mountain Life. The culture and vivacity it brings is something that cannot be described, which is where our idea of creating a lifestyle collective was born. We started by getting GoPro footy with the boyz and taking time to write down our creative ideas. This evolved into some sick edits Joey made and the blog you are reading now. 

After our first Whistler trip in 2013, we were both struck with wanderlust and went on numerous shredventures to Alpental, Baker, Hood, Bachelor, Crystal and Stevens. We went camping and hiking with our homies in Chelan, Bellingham, Mount Rainier National Park and the Oregon Coast just to name a few. All these adventures in between classes and full time jobs. As we started to compile more of a portfolio, we began to see our dream of creating a lifestyle brand materialize.

2017has been a momentous year already. We created a website that will launch later this year. We’ve been working on a kickstarter edit to help get us off the ground. This year we went into our Whistler weekend with a business trip mentality. We wanted to compile a ton more footage for our edit with our team riderz Troy and “Combo” Joe. We wanted to party and shred as much as our bodies could possibly handle in 3 days all while wearing our first product, the Keep Fighting beanies.

When we arrived in Canada the first thing we did (after getting lost in Vancouver for 2 hours) was grab a dank bite of poutine in Squamish. Classic Canadian cuisine eh? From there it was a quick trip to Whistler. Upon arrival we had a traditional Rainier shotgun sesh and then hit the village. My quest for free stickers and Clif bars was fulfilling because it was the opening day of the World Ski and Snowboard Fest! Walking around that village is a true outdoor enthusiasts dream. We had a much needed kick it night on Friday so we could wax up the sticks and prepare our camera gear for what was to come. 

Saturday was one of the most epic days of riding any of us had ever seen. Snowfall in Whistler Blackcomb reached historic levels of nearly 40 FEET this winter and it was still coming down tough, IN APRIL! Needless to say, the fresh pow was more than sufficient for full send mode. We ripped Whistler to shreds that day and made our presence known. Hopped over some boulders like Super Mario and dropped faces steeper than we’d ever seen. The ET crew is strong, and this day was legendary. The hottub was needed that night…

Sunday it was tough to get out of bed after the shenanigans of the previous night, but when we saw that the skies were blue we strapped up and rolled out. Pedialyte is a team favorite. Joey and I wanted to see the Blackcomb Glacier because it is a spot we hadn’t explored and the kook level is at a minimum. We headed up Jersey Cream and then hit the showcase T-Bar. We noticed a spot on the glacier that had untouched powder and required only a short bootpack. We huffed it up the hill and then sat back to marvel at one of the most amazing views either of us had ever seen. We figured it would be a good time to drink a beer and grab some interviews for kickstarter. 

When we were good and ready we strapped in and took off on the most epic line of our lives. We surfed waist deep blower pow that reminded me of champagne bubbles through trees and between canyons. Fortuitous luck brought us directly to the Peak 2 Peak, a fitting place for us to cap off our trip. We had a toast at the roundhouse lodge for EvergreenTreez and worked on our goggle tan without speaking because honestly we were both speechless. Overall it was a successful business trip and we’re incredibly excited for what comes next. Our kickstarter edit is in it’s final stages and we’re looking forward to sharing it with all of you! Keep Fighting.

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