Legendary PowDay

Legendary PowDay

I’d been scoping the forecast all week with hopes of either a snowy day with soft conditions or a sunny day with good visibility. It became apparent early Saturday morning though that we would actually have both. Wes swooped me to make the mission out to Steven’s pass and the sunrise brought glorious clear skies. The ride was filled with chill beats & silly freestyles, and wouldn’t have been complete without the poppy seed muffins and chocolate milk.

We were in such a good mood as we cruised down the scenic mountain highway that not even a flat tire 6 miles from the pass could mitigate our positive vibes. Luckily Wes handled it like a Nascar pit crew member (or Ralphie’s dad from A Christmas Story) because we still made it to the slopes right at 9. Our shredventures started with a slice of dank homemade bread and some greasy bacon in Ryan’s RV. That thing was covered in 9+ inches of freshies when we got there. Combine THAT with a seriously vivacious blue sky and a dope crew and you’ve got the recipe for one epic day. 

Our squad varied for pretty much every run, but we slashed the freshest tree lines and racked up some frequent flier mileage in the park. EM Socks was there to hook us up with some swag, as well as the demo tents for Zumiez, Arbor and Nikita. 

Speaking of Arbor, my Coda will always be the preferred weapon of choice for days like this one. The full rocker profile and incredible liveliness through the treez is what really makes that board special. It has superior float and seriously likes to get airborne, no vitamin C. 

It’s really rare to have a day as special as this on the slopes, but with Mother Nature continuing to wallop every one of our mountains with snow I believe that this La Nina has much more in store for us.

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