LibTech EJACK Knife C3 Review

LibTech EJACK Knife C3 Review

Size: 159

Rider Weight/Height: 160 lbs 6'0"

Stance: Goofy +12, -9

Boots/Bindings: 32 Scotty Stevens TM-2 Sz 10 | Burton Genesis

Conditions: Soft groomers with packed powder off trail and plenty of stashes in the Treez

Resort: Summit at Snoqualmie | Alpental

Eric Jackson has certainly become a bit of a folk hero in the snowboarding community recently. He's no stranger to getting buckwild in the backcountry; repeatedly showing a tendency to obliterate some of the more rugged lines known to the sport. He recently flexed his muscles with his part in The Fourth Phase, proving that taking the easy way down the mountain is never an option. EJack has always ridden with power and precision, making his collab with LibTech a match made in heaven. Lib has always had a knack for pushing the limits of what's possible in snowboard design and progression. Their hybrid profiles are versatile and suit a wide variety of riding styles. For the EJack Knife they fittingly chose their C3 profile. This aggressive hybrid camber is the perfect blend of power and responsiveness. The mellow rocker shape in the middle of all C3 boards makes them a little more forgiving, but this is the closest thing to a traditional camber ride. 

Not for the faint of heart; the EJack Knife can definitely sneak up on you. That much camber can be grabby at times, but it makes for an incredibly stable feel that inspires confidence all over the mountain if you know how to tame it. Traditional camber has long been the choice for those seeking power and pop but this board takes the game to new levels. It felt incredibly nimble in the air and needed to be ridden hard.

Snakedance and some of the steeper, more technical chutes at Alpental are really where this beast thrived. It devoured side hits and boosted into take offs with serious bravado. The day I rode this board was cold and crisp with groomers that were cookin'. Magnetraction edges only add to the locked-in feel; ripping groomers to shreds was a breeze.

The only thought in my mind was that this board truly has a need for speed. High speed take offs and landings of natural features were a piece of cake. The shape is slightly directional and tapered, but you can still stomp switch landings with confidence. The rigid nose allows you to charge over the chop and uneven snow that is prevalent in the Northwest. 

Take this ride into the Treez with ease. We did a little hiking for stashes and had a blast cutting through the forest. Pow turns are a thing of beauty on a board with this much float. The longer and wider nose is really helpful in keeping you centered in deep snow. The EJack C3 from LibTech is an aggressive freeride board with it's soul in the steeps. With graphics inspired by EJack's hillbilly tendencies from the legendary Ray Troll, you'll be ready to drop hook line and sinker straight down that line you've been eyeing. Take it to the backcountry to enjoy Lyfe In The Treez and Moments like these --->


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