Pink Cookiez

Pink Cookiez

Sometimes we all need a little inspiration to get the ball rolling again. For me in this moment that inspiration comes in the form of pink cookies.

Gazing out from a precarious perch in “The Claw”, I can see the lenticular clouds of a passing storm lingering over the dome of mighty Rainier. The faint remaining daylight begins to give way to the night, but not before the mountain becomes enshrouded in illusion.

New snow-pack atop the jagged boulders appears in the form of fresh baked sugar cookies while the oddly shaped clouds and the colors of a setting sun depict a grandiose dollop of pink frosting. Coupled with the sight of dark evergreen silhouettes and the smell of frost, my interest is keenly piqued. If only I could capture the essence of a Mt. Rainier sunset and save it for later.

In retrospect; maybe I can! That essence is the vivacity and verve that lives within us all. Some people feel it in different ways. For those of us who love to learn, experiencing the world merely through endless second-hand information isn’t enough.  If we want authenticity we have to seek it ourselves. The Mountain Life is the simplest way for me to seek that genuine feeling; the feeling of freedom and perpetual fascination that comes with exploring the PNW. The authenticity of our brand is seen in every stitch and every design. Doing what you like is freedom. Liking what you do is happiness. EvergreenTreez is a lifestyle brand made for life in the treez and moments like these.

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