It all started with an epic run through the Treez at Snoqualmie Pass (AKA Snocompton). We say that with love and admiration because even though we sometimes wear garbage bags to keep us dry, The Summit will always be home. After years of teaching youth snowboarding at Summit Central and kicking around ideas for a brand, we decided to channel our creativity and passion for adventure into a cause that's bigger than ourselves. 

We are a movement with purpose. We have an eye to the future and know that the natural world we all love has been compromised for some time. In order to continue to climb, sleep in, hike through and explore the Treez we need to promote environmental stewardship. We will continue to spread our roots this year by partnering with non-profit groups in Washington State to rebuild trails, support reforestation efforts and plant Treez. 

The ET crew is a cultured bunch that has no problem making fun of each other and trying new things. We've been known to put bacon grease on snow skates because we can't afford wax. We've feasted on orange chicken covered in mini M&M's (try it). We spit silly freestyles on the lift and never pass on learning opportunities. Our collective is blossoming through a visceral love and passion for the great outdoors.

Each product we create will be released in limited quantities and pay homage to the forests and mountains that have inspired so much freedom and creativity in our lives.

Sustainability and community engagement are the roots of everything we're working to achieve; come explore with us. Thanks for the support! Here's to Lyfe In The Treez and Moments Like These.

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