Stay Humble | Be Great

Stay Humble | Be Great

Sometimes you have to go all the way up. Being blessed enough to see the top of chair 2 on a bluebird day is one thing. Being able to enjoy the mountain’s majesty with your closest friends is another experience entirely. This weekend was a two day shredfest filled with  laughs, laps and liftlines. Not to mention the kimchi meatloaf from the Aardvark, growlers at Dru Bru and a crispy Digiorno. A sunny Alpy Friday followed by a soggy Central Saturday. The only thing missing was my traditional Snocompton garbage bag poncho when the snow turned to rain. Ca$h me ousside though: Snoqualmie loc’s are so used to riding in the rain that we have webbed feet.

Luckily the weather forecast kept the crowds away at Silver Fir because there were lines to be ripped! Seemingly endless fun a day after sending it off Hercules lip. Even though the visibility was at times worse than a grandma’s hip, we still kicked it tough and tried not to slip.

Being at Webbski again was a nostalgic and needed experience. Seeing my brothers and earning a spot to crash on the floor by shoveling Mike’s steps was a cerebral experience.There’s nothing like waking up to the sight of snow showers and fresh dust on crust! This weekend humbled and rejuvenated me after a long stretch of work and transitioning to a new home. Everyone needs time to clear their minds and recollect their thoughts. This weekend was so much more than a party; it was a spiritual revival.

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